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Education & Secular Work


I have a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology and the Arts. I’ve held paid positions in the human service field for 34 years and provided the ground work while serving people of all ages. Throughout the years trainings in Positive Approaches, Behavioral Supports, effective goal planning and Team building were continuously updated. 

Training & Goals

View from my car window in Yellowstone Nat. park.

Since 2012 I have been blessed with  trainings in different energy modalities that has added to the framework which allows me to facilitate intuitive healing sessions and coaching in person and remotely. 

My goal is to provide a way for each client to receive and find a path forward. It is an honor assisting people in shifting their energy for the betterment of their health in spirit, mind and body.    

This & That


I grew up in a family filled with music and continue to love that vibration.  Many times I receive messages from a client's spirit team or guides in the form of a song.

I was married accidentally on purpose and have a son, who is now 24. 

I am a lover of trees, clouds and rocks.  The planet Earth  provides too many benefits to list!  May we support her through her transitions as she supports us through ours.


Spiritual Coaching and weddings


 In addition to a B.A in psychology and the Arts, I am also a minister ordained by Rev. Daniel Chesbro, who founded the Sanctuary of the Beloved, into the Order of Melchizedek. 

Officiating weddings may be performed on a case by case basis, please contact me to discuss my  process.  

Coaching sessions:  Once and understanding has been established, sessions can  discuss how to grow and move forward in spiritual area(s). They can also provide a place to be heard and, if desired, gain perspective. 

I have knowledge of and experience with community resources if the scope of need exceeds my areas expertise.


Energy healing modalities


 I do intuitive healings which draw from the following teachings:  Iraku (stone, grids, geometry, vibration and more), Axialtonal  Alignment, Reiki 1, Kundalini Reiki, Magnetic Ruffling, Light Weaving and intuitive  readings.    One or more of these modalities  can be utilized in a session. 

I am always going to be learning ways to help myself and others. 


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